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  • Prophetic Words


    Prophetic Word spoken by Prophet Robert Gay At Our Praise & Worship Seminar

    – March 1999

    I see the Lord raising up “Strategic Training Centers” in this area. What I sense by the spirit of the Lord, is that the Lord is saying that even for this region, there is a new mentality and a new understanding that God is bringing to the Church in this region. What I see in the Spirit is that for so long, people have had an understanding and a mentality that we come to receive and get blessed. But, the Lord is saying that that mentality is changing and I am raising up “Strategic Training Centers” even in this region. And that mentality is going to be changed from coming to get blessed, to coming to get trained and activated, and to begin to move and flow and give out and pour out of that which God is training and activating each person in.

    There is a whole new paradigm shift. The whole Church in this region is going through a “Spiritual Paradigm Shift.” A new way of thinking, a new perspective that the Lord is bringing, so no longer will we come to Church in order to get blessed but we come to get trained and activated and move and flow and minister in that that God has deposited within us.

    I tell you, this is the word I hear the Spirit of the Lord releasing over this region. It is a paradigm shift the Lord is bringing. I hear the Lord say that some have left denominational, old wineskin places because you’ve been hungry for what God is doing in this hour. And God says I am raising up these “Training Centers” to be places of demonstration of what I will do. And the Lord says the frustration is leaving and, I see people that have become spiritually frustrated and it is a Godly frustration. Their frustration is because they have not been able to move and operate in what I am doing, and the Church has not been mobilized in this area. And the Lord says, I am raising up these “Training Centers” in order to mobilize My Church. And to cause them to come up to a new level, so that they will begin to go forth and they will begin to do and begin to fulfill the destiny that I have called this area to.

    And I just see from this city, and I do not know how big this entire region of British Columbia is. But I see even from this region, which the Lord says, that the whole Province is going to be affected in a major way, and not only here but also I see it will extend over into AlbertaI see this region as a hub of spiritual activity. And even there are going to be those who shall be sent over into the United States as missionaries of what I am doing and of establishing the Kingdom and the Apostolic and Prophetic says the Spirit of the Lord.

    I just see where there is a dearth in the land. Even in the north-western United States, where there has been a dearth in the land as far as Apostolic and Prophetic ministries. And I see that the Lord is going to rise up Apostolic and Prophetic Ministries and many will even be launched over into different regions. This is going to be a place where people will blastoff, it’s a launching pad. This area is going to be a launching pad; it is going to be a launching pad. So God will bring many people in. And God says there is a holy frustration that I am bringing this day into the hearts of My people and God says no longer, no longer will they sit in a place of idleness. But the Lord says they will begin to come to life and they are going to begin to fulfill and do what I have called them to do.


    Prophetic Word Supplied From Steve Shultz Producer of The Elijah List

     Prophetic Word given by Catherine Brown – 2001

    – A Vision For Canada – Healing, Cleansing, Refreshing, Moving Across The Land

    The Lord wakened me from sleep and immediately impressed these words in my spirit: “Newfoundland, where the Carpenter has etched His Father’s name deep within the hearts of His people.  In this land of pioneers, where deep calls unto deep, in the mountains and valleys are echoes of Heaven.  In this land where the River runs deep, where many warriors will be vindicated in Love, I shall bring a cleansing that will cause springs of Hope to come forth from where the sound of rushing waters flow.  I will make a Well and a Sanctuary of My presence.  From the Rocky Mountains in the West to Newfoundland in the East and from Yellow Knife to the Bay of Hudson My Spirit is rising as an Eagle on this land and I will send you forth as pioneers of the Gospel that I have set as eternity within your hearts.

    I am calling forth My sons and My daughters.  Hear your Father My beloved children, I have not abandoned you and My arms ache with emptiness to hold you once again to Myself.  I long to embrace you in the fullness of My promise, I yearn to fill you once again with Hope.  You are much loved by your Father.”

    I then saw the whole nation of Canada and in the very centre a heart was pulsating and I sensed this was the Father’s heartbeat moving in this precious land.   I could see the Eagle rising and I believe this was confirmation of the Spirit’s Presence and healing moving across the land as the Lord had promised.  My spirit soared with the eagle across the vast expanses and as he etched the word “ABBA” across the mountains and the valleys, I sensed a breaking and a healing of barrenness and mourning in the land, and a fresh revelation of the Father’s Love.

    I could hear rushing waters and I saw what looked like Niagara falls and I was able to experience the cleansing and refreshing the Lord had spoken of as His Hope cascaded over me.  I was permitted to experience a fresh revelation of the Father’s all encompassing Love as it was released and washed afresh over the people and the land of Canada.


    Word of The Lord Spoken by Yonggi Cho

     Prophecy To Canada – Paul Yonggi Cho gave this message at Evangel Temple, Kelowna, BC.

    And this is now my prophecy in my heart about Canada. After the debacle of Vietnam, American influence is receding so fast in the third world; there is a big gap open and their world is not so ready to listen to America anymore. They can’t trust their word. So American missionary work is suffering a death blow, and they are one by one packing up and leaving. And who is going to fill up that wide open gap till Christ comes?

    I expected Great Britain to take up that thing, but they are a sinking small island now; they can’t even solve their own problems. And also when I went to Scandinavia to hold meetings: Communism, idealistic communism, just sweeps whole strata of society and can’t take problem of world. I was discouraged.

    I said, “Father, who is going to come and fill this gap?” And when I came to Canada, the Holy Spirit spoke in my heart, “Son, you have come to the place where I chose. This country is the country I chose to fill up the gap.”