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  • Explicit Obedience

    As we step into this new millennium and what is considered the “Third Day” of the Church, we are about to see the Manifested Presence of God such as we have not seen it before. Or should I say, not since the days of the early Church, has anything even come close to what we are about to experience, and even those days will pale in comparison to it.

    However, there is a mandate and requirement from the Spirit of the Lord for us to be very precise and explicit in our obedience to the voice of the Lord in this season. The Spirit will be making some demands, and in the natural it will seem very illogical, but it will be God. For example, when the Holy Spirit called us into Canada from the Caribbean, it seemed very illogical to the human mind. But, as it turns out; it was God, and we are so thankful that we were very obedient to His voice and the Holy Spirit’s guidance and not to the many voices that were Shouting, NO! Don’t Go!

    Today we want to look at a particular incident in the scriptures and learn from it so that we will be better equipped to step into all that God’s has for us.

    Read 1 Kings 13:7-24

    Jeroboam was king in Israel and he established a false system of worship for the people of God, which displeased God. The Lord then sent “a man of God”, a prophet to prophesy against the system that Jeroboam had established and to proclaim God’s choice for a new king that would bring glory back to God. However, the Lord had given this prophet specific instructions that he must not go aside and eat and drink with anyone, neither should he have returned the same way that he went.

    There are several important principles that we can deduce from this amazing portion of scripture. However, the underlying thread is that one must be uncompromisingly obedient to the word and demands of the Lord.

    Consider the following:

    ¨      Verses 4-6: Many today would have failed at the very first test.  A major miracle took place when the king’s hand was restored from its withered state.  Many would have immediately felt a sense of accomplishment and open up their hearts for recognition.

    ¨      “Then the king said to the man of God, ‘Come home with me and refresh yourself, and I will give you a reward.’ ” Verse 7: Some would have failed when the king gave this invitation to relax in his presence for a while.  Many would have seen this as an awesome opportunity to increase their résumé and ministry portfolio. Some would have accepted the king’s offer because some still value the status quo and the accolades of men, above obedience to the Lord.  They would then say, “I had an opportunity to minister and dine with the President of the nation.”  This would be seen as a major accomplishment.

    ¨      Verse 7: Some would have failed because of their philosophy about success in ministry.  Some define success not on the level of obedience and commitment to the Lord, but rather on how much money they are making.  How large an honorarium they can command.  The offer of a reward from the king would have been seen as a sign of success.  Remember Matthew 7:21-23!

    I declare to you that in this season God will be making demands on some that will require a heart of obedience and a clear sight of who God is.  Some will be called upon to make the material God has given to them free to His Body, and He will deal with the supply of finances.  Books, Tapes, Teaching Manuals… etc

    ¨      Verse 11: We need to be very careful here as there are some older “prophetic and apostolic” ministries that are on their way out and have not properly trained up their sons, who will try to lay claim on anyone that the Lord raises up.  Especially with the level of anointing and prophetic accuracy that this prophet had.  His sons evidently were impressed with what they and heard about this man of God, as these signs were not evident in their father’s ministry.

    ¨      Verse 18: Beware of manipulation from “seasoned” ministry who wants to control the move of God.  They will employ all kinds of controlling tactics to bring you under bondage to them.  Many fail here because there is a tendency to place “men of God” and their ministries in elevated positions and not realize that it is God who is at work in them.  Be careful, as some hold some ministries in awe and somehow believe that, that ministry or “man of God” is the only place where God is moving or has moved.

    ¨      Verse 19: What a tragedy, after passing all the other tests this man of God fails under the hands of one like him.  A seemingly, trusted, gifted source, “an older prophet”.

    ¨      Verses 20-22: And you know what? When you disobey the command of the Lord, those who encouraged you, will say, “But I thought the Lord spoke to you, then why have you disobeyed?” You know when God has spoken to you.  For some an act of disobedience could cost you your life.

    Another example can found in the life of King Saul – 1 Samuel 8-31

    However, we want to look at two incidents in his life that signalled his demise.

    1 Samuel 13:1-14    |     1 Samuel 15:1-35

    Let us review the condition of Saul’s heart that led to his downfall:

    1.      He had lofty desires, instead of obeying the word of the Lord in detail – 1 Sam: 10:7-8,13

    2.      He was a usurper of God ordained authority – 1 Sam: 13:6-15  (Have you ever met people like that?  They always feel that they can do what you have been assigned to do better than you.  However, they keep failing at the task assigned to them.  That is primarily a religious of Pharisee spirit.)

    3.      He was very self motivated and a hoarder, so he could not heed the word of the Lord – 1 Sam: 15: 1-9 (He kept the best for himself, just as the Lord knew he would 1 Sam: 8:11-19)

    4.      He was a very jealous and envious person and always tried to grab the spotlight for himself – 1 Sam: 18:7-9

    5.      He was a persecutor of God ordained authority – 1 Sam: 19:1; 1 Sam: 22:17-21 He killed the priests of the Lord.

    6.      His end was that he became possessed with another spirit that even drove him to consult demonic powers instead of the Prophets                    – 1 Sam: 28:3-8

    7.      He died like a fool 1 Sam: 31:3-4

    A man who started out as anointed of the Lord but because of wrong heart attitudes was disobedient, became demonized and died a tragic death.  What a lesson!

    A very tragic tale, but an awesome example for us as we press forward in the purpose of the Lord.

    Especially to us here at Dominion-Life International, obey the voice of God’s Holy Spirit at all cost in this hour.  For all of us this is certainly our last century and millennium.  This is the best time to purpose in your heart that you will be very precise and explicit in your obedience to the voice of the Lord.

    Let us step into this new season full of faith and confidence.  Let us pray resolutely into the purpose of God for this region and the nations of the earth.  There is such an excitement as I write this letter and I want you to capture it!  We may be the last generation, if not, it cannot be to far away when our Saviour, Lord and King will return! Hallelujah!


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