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  • A Higher Level of Purity

    These are the end-times and we are in the mighty move of God. These are the best days to accomplish anything for the Lord. There is a change of Leadership as the Lord establishes the new order that would take us into the 21st century and beyond.

    God has released the Keys to the Kingdom, and there are all kinds of dimensions being opened up in the spirit.Matt: 16:19 (There is wisdom being released for us to know which key opens which realm.)

    The realm that is being opened up at this time is the “Apostolic” with one of the main keys to fully unlock this realm is a “higher level of purity”.

    There is a dimension of the “baptism of fire” that God is releasing to purify His people in this hour.

    Matt: 3:11, 1 John: 3: 1 – 3, Mal: 3: 3, 2 Cor: 3: 18

    The Prophetic restoration is in full drive taking us right into the Apostolic, but there is a tremendous demand from the Spirit of the Lord for purity.

    The Prophetic shows the fruit of the land but it is the Apostolic to cause us to possess it. As Joshua took over from Moses and was about to lead the children of Israel into the promise land there was a tremendous requirement on purity.

    Joshua: 3

    Joshua 5: 2 – 9

    Here we see the priesthood having a vital role in the preparation to possess, it is the same thing with us in these end-times, we the priesthood of God must fulfill our role.

    1 Pet: 2: 5 – 9 Ex: 19: 5 – 6

    However there are 12 defects or blemishes that would hinder or debar us from fulfilling our priestly ministry before the Lord.

    Leviticus: 21: 16 – 24

    We are speaking here of the ability to minister the life of God to others:

    Eph: 4: 12 (The work of the ministry)

    Ministering from a wrong spirit or lifestyle can damage others and disqualify us: Matt: 7

    Impurity must be dealt with.

    These physical defects of Lev: 21 represent spiritual areas that must be dealt with in the New Testament priest.

    1.      Blindness:

    Prov: 29: 18 Blindness brings disqualification.

    Imagine a cook who has grown accustomed to a particular kitchen and menu. If he goes blind and there is a remodelling and change of menu: This is symbolic of God’s new move in the Church.

    2.      Lameness:

    Indicates the man who can see and discern what God is doing but does not have the ability to walk in it. Can preach but cannot operate in the preached truth. He is qualified to be a Pharisee.

    Matt: 23: 1 -4 James: 1: 22 -25 **Acts: 3 1 – 10

    3.      Flat Nose:

    Our nose represents our smellers. It is used to ascertain if something is pure or rotten before it is eaten among other things. Its position speaks of its importance. This describes our ability to discern.

    Heb: 5: 14 **Job 39: 14 – 25

    4.      Deformed or Superfluous:

    A condition of imbalance: – e.g. If one foot is shorter than the other or having six toes instead of five or some extra, unnecessary growth.

    This indicates ministry that is “one-sided” or unbalanced. We must release the whole counsel of God.Rom: 11: 22

    5.      Broken Foot:

    Different from being lame, this is an injury that is not restored. Being damaged in your walk with God and never being fully restored.

    He is not able to keep pace with others he walks alone.

    There is no relationship and support from other ministries and no plurality in his government system.

    No sharing of his pulpit and he cannot walk straight.

    The body of Christ is not discerned and you are never sure where he stands.

    Phil: 3: 17 – 19 Prov: 25: 19

            6.    Broken Hand:

    The hand is the servant of the body.

    God uses His to serve the body of Christ: Eph: 4: 11 (expound)

    The hand speaks of fellowship: Gal: 2: 9

    When the hand is broken you cannot serve the body and by extension fellowship is broken.

            7.       Hunch-Backed:

    This represents the believer with no backbone. He is a wimp and cannot take pressure.

    He is easily swayed or moved.

    He cannot keep his hand on the plough.

    Luke: 9: 62

            8.        The Dwarf:

    This speaks of the process of aging without growth. This happens when you are pampered and not corrected. God does not want this. Eph: 4: 13

            9.        Blemish in the eye:

    This is different from being blind; this happens when some strange doctrine, attitude or some foreign matter goes into the eye and impairs the vision.

    Isaiah had this problem: Isaiah: 6: 1 – 8

    We need clear vision to flow with God in these end-times.

            10.    Scurvy – Eczema or Skin Disease:

    Caused by a lack of Vitamin C (Develop point about sailors)

    Any congregation fed only on “Canned Sermons” will produce “Itchers” and after a while they would qualify for: 2Tim: 4: 3

    We must have a regular diet of “fresh food” Exodus: 16: 10 – 26

            11.    Scabs:

    The difference between scab and scar; is that scars are marks from a healed wound; while scabs result from un-forgiveness, which produces torment.

            12.    Broken Stones:

             The Hebrew word is “Eshek” rendered Testicles, which is the reproductive organ.

    God is raising up true fathers in these end-times. Not just husbands “Pastors” but Fathers: “Apostles & Prophets” 1Cor: 4: 15

    Fathers are those who have the ability to reproduce.

    Like Elijah on Mt. Carmel 1Kings 18

    Like Paul 1Cor: 4: 15 Gal: 4: 19


    God is after quality reproduction. Everything brings forth after its own kind, so in order for us to reproduce powerful, strong ministry in this end-time we must be pure and we will reproduce right.

    In conclusion let me urge you to walk worthy of the vocation in which we called and stand fast in the liberty that God has provided for us.


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        Appreciated and we do pray that you will continue to receive much from the Lord. Please also know that we have a lot of free audio teachings on our site, so you could pass the word around…

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      • Thanks Sir,
        We pray that you will continue to be blessed and strengthened as you explore our site. Also know that there are many free teachings at your disposal on the site.

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