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  • Seeing the Manifest Glory

    Conditions to seeing the manifestation of God’s Glory

    2 Chr: 5: 1 – 14

    There must be a desire and a determination to work! (To build something unto the Lord). 1 Chr: 28: 1 – 10 & 2 Chr: 2: 1, 5

    Provisions must be made willingly, of that which we have. 1 Chr: 29: 1 – 9 , 10 – 16

    There must be a constant cry for wisdom! 2 Chr: 1: 1 – 12

    There must be a setting aside of our own dreams and ambitions, in exchange for a full embrace of the move of God! 2 Chr: 1: 7 “The Issue of the Blank Check” what would we have done.

    It must be constructed in the place where it cost us… very important! 2Chr: 3: 1 “The Threshing Floor of Ornan the Jebusite!”


    1 Chr: 21: 1 – 24 it is the place that would cost us everything if we want to go all the way with the Lord. IT MUST COST US SOMETHING! DO NOT THINK FOR ONE MOMENT THAT IT WOULD NOT COST YOU! – IT WOULD.

    There must be duly appointed leadership, functioning in unity! 2 Chr: 5: 2 – 5

    There must be a full understanding of the issues surrounding the contents of the Ark.

    ISSUES of the CONTENTS of the ARK

    The missing golden pot of manna – This was a type of the revelation of God. Matt: 4:4 this was given to deal with issue of murmuring. Murmuring must cease for the Glory of God to manifest. Ex: 16: 1 – 13, 32

    The next missing item was Aaron’s rod that budded. This was a type of God’s authority. Aaron’s rod was as a direct result of murmuring and a fight for position and struggle for authority. Num: 16: 1 – 35. All authority is now in Christ. Matt: 28: 18

    The two tables of the law represented the moral code by which the children of Israel would live. That was the reason those were not taken out, they were to act as our schoolmaster until Christ. Gal: 3: 24

    God hid the revelation of Himself and the issues of authority in Christ. Jesus declared to be the true manna that came down from heaven: – John: 6: 22 – 65 Rev: 2: 17 (another issue of murmuring again)

    Jesus promises us that all issues of authority are now in Him, and all we need to do is overcome the issues of the world, the flesh and the devil; and it’s ours. Rev: 2: 26 – 27; Rev: 3: 21

    We at Dominion-Life International firmly believe that Numbers 14: 21–22 and Habakkuk 2: 14 are being fulfilled in our time, as the Church rises to a new level of functionality in the earth. We also believe that His Dominion is being proclaimed through His Church and is being expanded into every nation upon the face of the earth. His Kingdom come His Will is being done on earth as it is in Heaven. In our logo the Ark is set with the world, becoming gold, in the background, depicting the glory of God (gold) covering the earth.

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