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    “Da Gospel Gone Wild” is a project that was inspired by the Holy Spirit. What you are about to hear are the actual books of the bible being rapped word for word from The Message bible. The Gospel Gone Wild is not meant to take the place of a person reading the scripture for themselves. It is meant to supplement and enhance your reading experience through dynamic vocal presentations and grooves that will cause you the bump your head as you get the Word into your mind. Whether you want to pump it at home, play it in your car, work out with it at the gym, or listen to it as you read your bible, it will be a great way to get the word of God into your system.

    Remember, it is word for word from The Message bible. The more you listen to it the more you get the scriptures into your mind. You won’t forget it!


    To introduce the Gospel to the youth of this generation who may not be familiar with it or who may view it as archaic or irrelevant. As The Message bible uses contemporary language to convey the passion and immediacy of the gospel as expressed in the original Greek, Da Gospel Gone Wild strives to use rhythm and vibrant vocal expression to convey the scriptures in a way that is relevant and memorable to this generation.


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