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  • The Third-Day Church

    2 Peter 3:8 & Luke 13:32

    As we enter into the third day since Jesus it will be very interesting for us to explore the third day in scripture and extract some principles for us to function by in this hour.

    • The Earth was created – Genesis 1:9-13
    • Abraham’s ultimate test – Genesis 22: 1-5
    • God’s major appearing to all of Israel – Exodus 19:9-11
    • Saul’s death was announced – 2 Samuel 1:1-4
    • The rebuilding of the temple was finished – Ezra 6:14-15a
    • Esther put on her royal apparel and found the king’s favour – Esther 5:1-2
    • Jesus was launched into His ministry of miracles, water was turned into wine – John 2:1-11
    • Jesus rose again from the dead – Matthew 16:21 Acts 10:38-41

    These are just a few examples of this powerful truth!

    As we step into the third day we want to establish a spirit of excellence in everything we do for the Lord.  In order to accomplish this, here are some of the requirements and expected outcomes:

    1.   We must be motivated to perform and to produce!                                    

    John 15: 1-8           Father is expecting us to produce.

    Matthew 6: 10        There must be a performance, for His will to be done.

    Hebrews 10: 7        That was Jesus’ mandate.

    John 4: 34  That is the one thing that consumed Jesus.

    2.  We must place emphasis on evaluation – The process of keeping to one’s mandate!

    Luke 16: 1-2          We have been given a task and will be evaluated.

    Matthew 25: 19      The Lord will always evaluate us.

    1Cor: 11: 31          High priority on self-evaluation as being mature is expected.

    3. We must also place emphasis on innovation in systems of operation, product and activity!

    Isaiah 42: 9             God is always taking us into new things.

    Isaiah 43: 19           He is forever creating in dimensions we think impossible.

    Isaiah 48: 6-7         A very innovative God.

    4.  We must place emphasis on building the vision that the Lord is giving us!

    John 5: 17-23        Patterns from Jesus’ desire to do as His Father does.

    John 8: 27-29        Keeping to the vision Father is giving Him.

    John 14: 31           Stay with the commands of the Lord.

    5.  Clarity of vision, values and integrity of the process must be given priority!

    Amos 3: 7  Prophetic responsibility.

    Hosea  4: 6 We are responsible for seeking revelation from the Lord.

    Hab: 2: 1-3            Our responsibility is both to seek and make plain all that the Lord gives.

    Luke 8: 10              We can know the mysteries of God.

    6.   We must emphasize relationship and sharing in the process!

    John 15: 14-15       Progression into strong relationship.

    2 Cor: 6: 1 Grace for partnership functionality.

    1 Cor: 3: 6-9          Power and process of partnership.

    7.  We must continue focusing on walking in dynamic team operation!

    Deut: 32: 30          Virtual ability is released by God in team ministry.

    Lev: 26: 7-8           Power in team ministry.

    Eccles: 4: 9-12        Husband and wife team ministry.

    8.   We must place an emphasis on people as a priority!

    Matt: 10: 6-9         Apostolic direction of kingdom activity always involve people.

    John 10: 10-17       Laying down of one’s life for the sheep.

    9.  We must maintain a success mentality that negates external factors and is not defeated by environment.  We must focus on affecting our environment!

    Matt: 13: 33           Kingdom Advance is concerned with affecting the environment.

    Dan: 2: 35-45        The growth potential of the kingdom is vast.

    10. We must emphasize personal responsibility for success!

    John 14: 12            Jesus personalizes the greater works ministry.

    John 20: 21-23       Each one of us has been given the power of the Holy Spirit for our personal development.

    11. We must also emphasize the motivation of reward!

    Heb: 11: 6  God is not unjust, He rewards.

    1 Cor: 3: 8, 14       Rewards are given.

    Mark 10: 28-30      Again Jesus promises rewards here and now.

    Deut: 28: 1-14       God is not afraid to reward us for obeying and following Him.

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