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  • Daniel In Babylon

    Here are some endorsements for Apostle Michael Scantlebury’s new book, “Present Truth Lifestyle – Daniel In Babylon” which is due out by October 2016:

    In this exploration of the main scriptural themes contained in the Book of Daniel, Apostle Michael Scantlebury presents an accurate exposition of how The Kingdom of God is continuously evolving in the life of the Believer and is being manifested in the 21st Century Church. He further suggests that armed with a definite comprehension of current issues, we can adapt the Daniel posture to successfully decode the strategies of the evil one, and skilfully navigate the current spiritual environment without being ensnared by the allurements of the world system.

    This is a seminal study with strong Apostolic messaging, yet its flowing style allows for easy assimilation of biblical truths, and provides accurate insights for the cerebral Believer, who like Daniel and his companions, are usually the target of the world system. Apostle Scantlebury outlines the various methodologies through which spiritual Babylon seeks to entice the brightest and best of every Godly generation, to acculturize, rob of spiritual identity and manipulate to promote world kingdom ends.

    But thanks be to God, there is still a generation in the earth spiritually alert enough to operate within the world system, yet deploy their talents and giftings to bring honour and glory to God. Those with the Daniel mindset will decode dreams and visions and interpret judgements written on the kingdoms of this world in this season. God is still raising up an Apostolic and Prophetic generation, which would feast on heavenly manna, and consecrate themselves to spiritual and intellectual purity to accomplish God’s Kingdom purposes.

    Apostle Scantlebury has skilfully contrasted God’s everlasting, radiant, and ever emerging Glorious Kingdom with the kingdoms of this world, which are time relevant, decadent and given to destruction. In this context, there is a mandate and requirement of a Kingdom purpose generation to live and abide by Godly principles in the midst of decadent world structure. An essential aspect of this dynamic is our ability to withstand persecution in our Christian walk. Just as Daniel and his companions withstood the Fiery Furnace and Lion’s Den experiences, so too we are called to boldly take a stand as proven ambassadors of our King. Our spiritual posture must be defined by a Spirit of excellence in all things.

    The 21st Century Believer can take the assurance that under the Rulership of our Glorious Christ The Kingdom purposes of God has triumphed and is persistently overwhelming all the stratagems of the enemy. In essence God’s Kingdom is destined to destroy all the kingdoms of the world and to fill the earth with Glory of God as His Kingdom reigns overall the earth in pre-eminence and complete mastery. In fact, given the inherent superiority and destiny of The Kingdom of God, the Stone grows until it fills the earth with its Glory. God’s Kingdom therefore cannot be confined by religion or church structures. On the contrary Church is destined to flow in Kingdom purpose and authority.

    The Church of this era is especially blessed to evolve into full perfection and operational maturity under the instrumentation of the Fivefold Ministries. The equipping of the Saints is an essential element in the powerful manifestation of the Sons of God, to pave the way for the eventual return of Christ for a perfected Bride. As Daniel envisioned the progressive demise of all earthly kingdoms; let us as believers experience the Glory of God’s power throughout the earth.

    I commend this work as an essential tool in your spiritual arsenal. Be ye therefore ready!

    Apostle Pearlie A. Drakes
    Shiloh Apostolic Deliverance Church
    Founder and President, New Generation Worship Centre
    Barbados, West Indies

    This latest work ‘Present Truth Lifestyle: Daniel in Babylon’ by Apostle Michael Scantlebury demonstrates unique revelatory insight from an apostolic viewpoint, as to the role and assignment of Believers in the current Babylonic system on the earth today.

    Michael is a precious author in our time graced to decode ancient spiritual positions and operations into present truth application. Continuing on from his previous works, he as an apostolic scribe and interpreter provides challenge to our level of application and dominion in Babylon in this day.

    Michael’s writings always contain within them, intrinsic grace and seminal principles, to transmit life change and reform mentalities in us as Believers, forging an impact of Kingdom expansion. I commend him for this most excellent work.

    Rev. Mike Weitenberg
    Auckland, New Zealand

    Great insight, masterfully unfolded, and succinctly expressed! Michael Scantlebury is a student of The Kingdom of God, and as such brings out old and new truth together (Matthew 13:52). In this book, ‘Present Truth Lifestyle: Daniel in Babylon’, Michael shines a light explaining where the church finds itself today, how to position ourselves to be effective, and unlocks present truth regarding The Kingdom of God and its advancement in our world today. I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

    Apostle Phil Spence
    Jabez International Mission Inc.
    Brisbane, Australia

    I’ve just finished Michael’s new book ‘Present Truth Lifestyle: Daniel In Babylon’ and appreciate his grappling with the serious issues of Daniel’s interpretation of the King’s vision and how it applies to the Church. Although there are many exhaustive views of Daniel’s prophecy and eschatology, this digestible summary immediately engages us with some of the prominent themes, and challenges present day assumptions with good, clear argument. Real students need to wrestle with the Word to be confident about where they stand in a world of prophetic controversy.

    Rev. Lawrence Rae
    Malakwa Gospel Church
    Malakwa, BC, Canada

    This book brings a pure Revelation of Truth. It has unveiled the Apostolic Identity of the Church and Our place as Gods Vehicle to Unveil His KINGDOM in every sphere of life. Pertinent Truth highlighted in this book will rock old mentalities and generate new thinking.

    Apostle Scantlebury, you have paid the price as God’s voice in this time to make available to this generation God’s Revealed Truth!!!! Great work!!!!”

    Dr. Ben Christopher Don
    Senior Minister

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